Da (Jane) Li has enjoyed painting since she was a kid. Several members in her family are good at drawing. She grew up watching her grandmother sketch vivid butterflies and her mom draw beautiful morning glories. Da has benefitted from the family talents of painting. While she was in elementary school, her paintings won the first to third prize in her city each year. Often times, where there were art exhibitions for kids in her city, her paintings were hanging as the first ones in the lobby. In her middle, high school, and college, she often served as the one leading the art projects for her department and class. There was a long while that she did not paint much after college but after her life became more stable in the U.S. she started to paint again in 2019. Her growth has been more rapid than she has ever expected. There is still a long way to go. She will continue exploring the world of art.

Da obtained her doctoral in Educational Policy from The Ohio State University and she is currently working as a Research Associate at a university in Michigan. Her current research supports families and children across the state. Da enjoys her research work tremendously as well as her biggest hobby outside of work which is painting.


Thank you to my mom’s continuous encouragement for me to paint and always providing good advice that enhanced my paintings.

Thank you to Mr. Matt Montgomery in Texas who provided tremendous technical support and advice in building this website.

Thank you to all my friends who support and appreciate my artwork.